Delivering precise messages to smartphones at retail

SkuRun motivates buying decisions in real time by leveraging the power and potential of beacon and mobile technology to deliver precise marketing messages in convenience store environments. SkuRun takes proximity marketing to the next level and enhances the engagement between manufacturing, retailers and consumers.

Maximize Market Share

Over 167 million transactions are made each day at convenience stores around the United States. Most of those customers have smartphones and rely on them for information and interaction. Take advantage of foot traffic and reach to maximize your market share.

Convert Customers At The Pump And In-Store

Moving customers from the pump to the store is the single greatest business building opportunity in the convenience store industry. Engage your customers at the pump, and follow them into the store, with compelling brand and promotional messages. Grow sales by capturing the customers closest to your store.

Promote Higher Margin Products

Convenience is all about helping customers get in and out quickly, satisfying consumer needs, and motivating impulse purchases. Not all categories are created equal. Sometimes it pays to influence customers to buy the right product at the right time. Enhance your bottom line by promoting the products that contribute the most to it.

Engage Millennials

Do not get left behind by 79 million millennial customers. Appreciate millennial tastes and preferences, and deliver messages the way they have come to expect to receive them. Engage millennials where, and when, you have their attention.